Best True Wireless Earbuds India 2021

Best True Wireless Earbuds India 2021 | BUY ON AMAZON

  • It Offers Premium HD sound
  • Each earbud incorporates an advanced 10mm dynamic driver,
  • Call your buddies with your Buds Z with Bluetooth v5.0
  • IP55 Water and Sweat Resistance
  • Wrap Charge: Charge for 10 minutes, Enjoy 3hrs worth of music playback
  • Environmental Noise-cancellation
  • Playtime up to 20 hours
  • Dual-microphones
  • OnePlus noise reduction algorithms combine for exceptional call clarity and stability.
  • Immersive listening experience


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Best True Wireless Earbuds India 2021

OnePlus Buds Z

Wireless Earbuds with Bluetooth, AAC, and CVC Noise Cancellation. If you’ve been looking for a pair of wireless earbuds with advanced noise-canceling features, then look no further than the Best True Wireless Earbuds India 2021. The OnePlus company is known for their high-quality products at affordable prices.

Just a couple of days ago I got my hands on the OnePlus Buds Z and spent some time with them to see if they’re worth my money. Overall I’m impressed by these wireless earbuds that provide superb sound quality at an aggressive price point. It was kind of a surprise because I’ve never seen noise-canceling earbuds at this price.

For your convenience, I’ve rated Best True Wireless Earbuds India 2021 based on 6 different aspects: Sound quality, wireless connectivity, ANC for the price, overall design, user experience, and battery life.

Sound Quality/Battery Life: 3/5 – Very loud and crisp sound that’s not muddled even with the ANC enabled. Not bad at all for a pair of earbuds at this cost  (though they could have been louder).  The battery lasts long enough to give you two full charge cycles before it needs to be recharged (6 hours). The two charging cases (one for buds, one for the hub) can charge the buds once and the hub three times.

The sound quality of the OnePlus Buds Z is very good with the ANC enabled. There’s a noticeable volume drop when you enable ANC, but that’s to be expected. Some people might even prefer to turn up their device volume instead of using ANC. If you do use the ANC feature, there will be a little lag in audio when you switch songs or move between apps on your phone/device. This is very common with Bluetooth headphones and earbuds though so it doesn’t detract from my overall experience with these wireless earbuds. I do recommend you take note of the battery life indicator on your phone/device.

Connectivity: 5/5 – The Best True Wireless Earbuds India 2021 has a very high Bluetooth connection quality. My audio and device connectivity is flawless while using them. You can pair, unpair, and re-pair these Best True Wireless Earbuds India 2021 without any issues. I have had zero connection issues while I was using the earbuds and although it is supposed to automatically reconnect when you turn on your device, the Auto-Connect feature didn’t work for me at first. It was only after I manually reconnected that it suddenly worked.

The only connectivity problem I had was with the USB-C cable. The cable’s port isn’t very accessible and you have to fumble around inside your device’s small case to get to it. It’s a bit of a pain but OnePlus did include an extra USB-A/microUSB cable to use if you do have this issue. Bluetooth earbuds require a lot of power so you’ll need to keep your phone/device battery levels high. I highly recommend buying an external battery for your phone for when you’re on the go. The OnePlus Buds Z charges faster than most other Bluetooth headphones thanks in part to its fast charging technology built into the hub.

Design and Fit: 3/5 – The Best True Wireless Earbuds India 2021 are a little bulky but they aren’t uncomfortable. They’re not wire-free earbuds that are designed in the style of Apple’s AirPods but these earbuds are very light and compact, even though they do have a bulky charging case and hub. These earbuds were made for listening to music on your phone or tablet so they don’t have any physical buttons for controlling your music or device’s volume. You can only control the audio from your mobile device so if you get the OnePlus Wireless Buds, be sure to always keep it close by to control what you listen to.

The earbuds have one button underneath the in-ear controls – a large Mute/Play/Microphone button on the right side with a small Mic/Side button on the left. It’s pretty easy to use these earbuds and you’ll get used to them after a short time. I personally like how these earbuds are designed to fit into your ears. There’s no wire hanging down that can get caught on things or get in your way when you’re out in public or walking around your home.

I’m a fan of the built-in flexibility of the Best True Wireless Earbuds India 2021. There are collapsible wings on top that can be pushed up and down to fit any ear size – even if it’s different from your own pair of headphones. That allows you to adjust these earbuds for comfort without having to take them off, which is something I’ve seen some others miss out on in their designs. The sound quality is impressive and I found myself immediately enjoying the music I was listening to.

What might be the biggest selling point for this pair of headphones is that one of the most important features, ANC, works quite well. I can feel these headphones canceling out my surroundings and blocking out as much noise as possible, which is more than a lot of the other earbuds I’ve tested in this price range. There are four different modes for ANC included: conversation, urban, office, and flat (no ANC). You’ll want to go through and test out each one to see what works best for you and your environment.

Battery life is also a plus here with an estimated 20 hours of talk time with ANC turned on and 18 hours with it turned off. I’ve been able to get about 8-10 hours out of these wireless earbuds with the ANC turned off and still plenty of juice left in the tank when I was done listening.

Overall Experience: 4/5 – OnePlus is a very well-known company that has made a name for itself in the Android community and even though they don’t have a ton of products, they’ve recently been expanding their lineup. The OnePlus Wireless Buds are definitely an impressive pair of wireless earbuds considering what you get for the money. If you’re in need of some great-sounding earbuds that will help you drown out your surroundings, these may be for you.

The major downside that I see here is the price, but if you do buy the Best True Wireless Earbuds India 2021, you’ll be getting a lot of bang for your money. The build quality is excellent and I’ve had zero issues with connectivity or sound quality. These earbuds do come with a one-year warranty so OnePlus stands behind their products. The toughest part of choosing wireless earbuds is picking which one to get but I’d have to recommend the OnePlus Wireless Buds for anyone who’s in need of some good sounding, noise cancellation earbuds at a great price.

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