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Pokemon XY a round of uber experience XY is a pokemon anime series on it the authority pokemon organization and ‘Game Plain’ maded game on this series it’s a pokemon XY game. game sent off at 12 oct 2013. in the wake of sending off game the game become well known due to extraordinary reaction and XY anime series fans played this game they extremely preferred that after certain years game accessible on cell phones each portable player can play this game with assistance of a few versatile emulators. game generally exceptionally well known on portable and each pokefan is familiar with it.

Presently year 2022 nearly passed however game fans and ally was playing this in this year.

First game sent off on 3DS stage called like nintendo. then, at that point, game accessible on PC and cell phones game size just about 2 to 3 GB and it easily chips away at higher gadgets like 4GB Smash up.


Game story comparative as pokemon XY series. The game beginnings with our legend Debris ketchem that recently come on kalos region.In this area pokemon structures mega and other more things in game you need to choose one starter pokemon from teacher elm. teacher elm was a kalos teacher that gives starters to new mentors.

you need to choose one pokemon from three frookie,chaspin and fennikin this three are kalos starters and one of the most outstanding pokemons in kalos district. After select one teacher elm gives you six pokeballs and one poketap.

“An all-new 3D Pokémon experience loaded with never-before-seen Pokémon has sent off! Pokémon X and Pokémon Y presents another age of Pokémon and acquaints players with a thrilling new experience in a stunning 3D world.”

Ongoing interaction

Being the 6th era of the series, Pokémon X and Y highlight another kind of Pokémon: pixie type (despite the fact that delivered in 1999, this is whenever they first are found in the game). The pixie type was brought into the game to adjust the winged serpent and dull sort Pokémon.

Alongside new Pokémon type, there are new kinds of fights for players to encounter. Sky fights between flying kind Pokémon eliminate the ground component from the fights, making it novel to these sorts and another fight style to the game. New Swarm experiences likewise can give even the most experienced Pokémon players a commendable battle, with numerous wild Pokémon at the same time battling the player’s decision of Pokémon.

To make a player’s Pokémon take on better in conflict, they have new choices to fortify the Pokémon and its bond with the coach. The mentor can, with the Pokémon-Amie include, play, feed, and pet their Pokémon to expand their bond and fight execution.

Framework prerequisites:


Working frameworks: Windows

Mobile ( Help Of Emulators )

Pokemon XY GBA

Pokemon X and Y is a Nintendo Game Kid Advance game redesigned after the Pokemon Emerald game. Made by a Pokemon fan, Pokemon X and Y includes a similar town, area, and plot as the Pokemon Emerald. In any case, all Pokemons have been changed by their Age VI partners that should be visible on the Pokemon X and Y enlivened series and other authority games. In this game, the starter Pokemons are presently Chespin, Froakie, and Fennekin.

Notwithstanding new Pokémon and another sort, Pokémon X and Y acquaint a totally different component with Pokémon, Uber Developments. These give specific Pokémon a brief development fighting to a more grounded, never-seen, appearance with expanded details, changed capacities and here and there even various sorts. You even set given a Kanto starter Pokémon up to get their Super Development.

The games are set inside the Kalos locale, a huge district which has a Territorial Pokédex split into three sections, Focal, Waterfront and Mountain. In the game, you get going as a mentor, having the option to modify the appearance between three changed choices for every one of the sexual orientations. There are various new elements included including having the option to ride specific Pokémon inside specific regions.

Pokemon X And Y Game information- .

Game starts at Kalos region the region of the legendary and mega Pokemon’s. Then you in your house go in professor ‘ ELM’S ‘ lab by controlling your character with joystick. At professors lab chooses your starter Pokemon in this three Pokemon’s.

– Fire Type ‘ FENNIKIN ‘.

– Water Type ‘ FROOKIE ‘.

– Grass Type ‘ CHASPIN ‘.

Then after choosing select his nickname and then take your poketab and poke balls from professor ‘ ELM ‘.

Then start your journey in the Kalos region with your friends ‘ SARINA,  BONI ‘ and ‘ CLEMONT ‘.

Journey Details-

–  Fight Against 8 GYM Leaders.

– Worn From Them.

– Fight In Pokemon League With 8 GYM Badges.

– You Become Kalos League Champion.


After it Everything You can Play Pokemon X And Y Real Game If Your Device Ram Was Almost 4GB+ Ram So You can Got Best Fps In game Like 40 to 60fps As Depend On Your Mobile Or Emulator.

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