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 Pokemon Let’s go Pikachu Pokemon let’s go pikachu a game of  Adventure and story. launched at 2017. The Game Was Maded By Two Popular Company’s Game Frank and nintendo. Nintendo is an famous Japanese console games company that you will play many more best game’s in this console this is an PSP type console but it supports  ‘3DS’ game’s so if you want to play this then buy console from nintendo official site. 

A second famous company on this was ‘game frank it’s a company making High graphic games and best adventure , storyous , 3DS type games and after make games that games playable on nintendo switch

Now talk about our topic a famous and most popular game playable on nintendo it’s a pokemon let’s go pikachu and pokemon let’s go evee. This two game’s was similar but in let’s go pikachu you starts your adventure with pikachu. and game as in let’s go evee you start adventure with evee.

best things

– you can play game on big screen with the help of nintendo switc

– you can catch pokemons in game with the help of real pokeballs

– play game with freind

– with new update you can mega evolve your pokemon

This is an good game there you can enjoy your own things like cool battles, Train your team, catch new new Pokemons, improve skills and also play as multiplayer with your friends

After completing kanto league you knows that team rocket was legally catched legendary mew and makes it’s delicate Pokemon mew tow it  was maded by team Team rocket’s head it’s leader ‘giovani’

NOTE – Also ‘giovani’ was a eight gym’s gym leade

I didn’t Know that why Pokemon company or Pokemons world maked he is a leader he was a biggest criminal gang of kanto’s bos

You have to slove ‘mew’ and ‘ mewtwo’s story at a second place on this fight of mew and ‘mewtwo’ two legendary the official Pokemon company also maded a movie called “Ash and Mewtwo strikes” and it’s second movie “Mewtwo strikes ba

So let’s go Pikachu is a best game for mostly ‘ Kanto’ lovers. most favorite Pokemon in ‘ kanto’  called charazar and Pikachu. It was cute, small and also intelligent and one of the  best and helper Pokemon of As

This game was first highly high 3D texture and real story based. This game available on PC Nintendo and mobile also in Mobile the ‘GBA’ version is great by it was not official or high graphics. Now in 2022 some emulator’s provide you to play it like eggns and in PC ryujnix. There you got 15 to 20 JPS  in 6 to 8 GB RAM devices. I know it’s not good but on mobile play a higher games like go Pikachu, sword and shield it’s bette

your questions

  – can this game available on indi

ans – Yes This game available on india at amazon and other more we

   – can i play it on mobile

ans – no this game not available on mobile officially because its very big and high requrimental game it was not work on mobi

  – Rare pokemons in lets go pikachu 

ans – bulbasaur, charmander, squirtle , Articuno , Zapdos and Moltr

   – what legendaries in lets go pikachu game

ans – lets go pikachu Fire type god Moltres Ice type Articuno and Thunder type Zapdos was three legendry bird

  – Game released date

 ans – 16 November 20

  – can I connect it with TV screen

ans – yes just buy full game with console then you can easyly connect it on your tv screen and enjoy game with high graphic adventur

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