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Alchemy Stars

So first things first, what is alchemy stars. Alchemy stars, the J RPG title, released on June 17th. Well, that’s definitely not the case here. The game is basically a mix of a couple of genres. While the unique line strategy RPG system the developers have created come to its own set of surprising mechanics. Alchemy stars seamlessly manages to merge both magic and technology in the world and in the combat the game’s innovative combat blends RPG card collecting and strategy. 

Featuring a colored tile system, each stage in alchemy stars presents a fresh challenge. The game’s unique tile collecting gameplay allows players to unleash special attacks when matching the characters attributes with the correct color. Alchemy stars further enhances its strategic gameplay by giving players the ability to change leaders multiple times, allowing for a more intriguing tactical gameplay experience. 


Story well, the story takes place in astro, where aurorans and celestials have lived since the beginning of time and wealthy has been around for hundreds of years a new and sudden appearance of dark creatures called a clip size have emerged. They’re controlled by a dark organization from the shadows. So it is your classic light versus dark story. You will be one of the few remaining celestian after the war with creatures of the dark and by a small chance you get to start a new life by recruiting or orients and finding the good fight against the forces of evil. This all sounds really cool, but how does that actually affect the game, well, you’ll get to me a lot of different characters and socialize with them. So having a little back story about the game helps to understand their purpose ocean sovereign event alchemy stars is finally bringing their outfits to the game with the launch of this ocean sovereign event. It’s a good move for the game to celebrate the season of beaches and enjoyment with their swimsuit collection for the lovely orients in game. Let’s start taking a look with vice a five star aurora in which has a beautiful ray of sunshine outfit. And next is you’re a four star orient which has a sea voice outfit. Next is click in five star Orion with black lagoon. Carlene 6 star Orion with sea breeze and icy six star Orion with onyx Irish. So there is one thing common in them. They look more beautiful in the outfits.


 My favorite characters. So before we move on to the game play, I just wanted to show some of the characters real quick because these are some of my favorite ones that I really, really like the design of them. So in general, they’re all super detailed and unique, but probably one of my favorites is here though design wise, of course, but she’s also increasing the attack by 20 percent and having a good attacker is something you really gonna want to have in this game because there’s a lot of requirements to stay. So both of our different skills are attacking skills you can throw up in front of the captain and also my first six stars here I see I really, really like as well. She’s more of a damage dealer, but also what’s known as a converter. So her active skill can convert to the four nearest blue or green tiles to red and then of course, if you’re going on red tiles or if she’s your leader mostly she’ll do avoid gays a pretty strong attack to two different and another one of my favorites here is vice because of a massive massive damage range and also that bow is thick but pretty much you just has this crazy huge range you can ever as your leader and that way, even if you’re super far away from the enemies. 


You can still use the tiles and regardless and you know if you use the blue tiles, then she’ll do that chain combo thing regardless, she’s just a really, really nice character. And if you’re not too close to the enemies in their massive range, then she is your girl. So now let’s move on to the game play. It might look a bit imposing, but the basics are actually pretty easy. Each turn, you will pick a color and you can walk on each of the tiles that are touching the same color, the more tiles you walk over in one turn, the more damage you get and the prettier the animations are. It quickly becomes much more complicated than that, but the game does a decent job of explaining its new mechanics as they come up. I’m more than a few chapters and at this point and the game has introduced a ton of new mechanics. Enemies, game modes and bosses and yet I really don’t feel overwhelmed.


 The only complaint I could find about the game play is that it can be rather random, but in my opinion, that’s actually positive because you have to try to make the best of a random situation. There are also things like active skills that allow you to control that R And G to a decent extent all this adds up to game play. That’s rather skill-focused and seems like it will be a lot of fun for a while to come. Event alchemy stars has just released their newest event and is called ocean sovereign. The whole event is divided into two parts the event itself starts on the 19th of August, with the first part being released and second part dropping on 9 September and ending on the 29th of September in these events.

 Players can look forward to different types of challenges and events as well as new skins for existing. Apart from the challenges in this event. Each part will bring out new content and heroes as well as their stories during the period of the ocean sovereign event new time limited story stages will appear as well as exchange redeemed stores and event quest will all be open to all players the requirement to access and complete these stages will be cleared main stages 1 through 16 if I talked about the first stage event that has four new characters. So start with a solo. She is a four star forest converter as a converter. She already has a point in her favor, with the drawback being only able to convert a single title. She brings a unique utility where she can make a bridge over gaps, helping for parties without a warriors. 


Then for the second one of flora. He has a six star water thunder elemental or Orion, which is classified as sniper in game floor is a range sniper unit that deals massive damage to enemies marked by him and those that are under 50 percent of their max HP. He does this using his active ability. Which marks targets and deals additional damage to them when he does chain combos. The third character we have is bonasi. She’s a five star Thunder support and she’s only exclusive for the summer event while she is being built as a support her active skill at first glance looks similar to detonators. She can move smaller enemies in a chosen direction while also dealing map wide damage the enemies will presumably be clumped up in this selected direction. Then the final one is barrel barrel is a six star forest fire elemental auroran that is classified as a detonator in the game. She’s a great nuker for forest teams as she can deal massive damage to enemies in a particular area. 

Her damage increases when there were fewer enemies available with her acting ability this ability also marks their current position and if her equipment ability is also triggered, then she will perform this area damage to the marked position as well conclusion. Overall, my first week with alchemy stars has been mostly positive. The game play is unique and it seems like it has enough depth of mechanics to keep it interesting for a few years. The story is rather generic right now. But due to some genius game design. The characters are still allowed to thrive. So when it comes down to it. Should you give it a try, yeah I think that alchemy stars is worth giving a try and even though this is a sponsored video, you know that only games that we approve will get showcased and alchemy stars is truly offering innovative new game play for those who especially enjoy colorful strategy games besides that they also have all those great rewards. The bonuses and discount gift packs that are available by simply logging in and signing into the game.

 There’s also special events running in the game where players can clear the quest to gain extra awards. Alchemy stars also features a mini game that helps advice to make slushies, which will also be available overall. There’s lots of in game rewards like the lumbers prison packages, new character Vanessa, so use the code summer event for one free character. 

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