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Best 5 Premium Gaming Keyboard India 2022

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Long gone are the days when you needed only one type of keyboard. Today, with advanced gaming, there is a wide variety of keyboards to meet your needs. Whether you’re an FPS Player or MMORPG player or just want to use the latest technology in your workday computer, there is a keyboard for you. In this article of Best 5 Premium Gaming Keyboard India 2022, we will review the top 5 premium gaming keyboards available in India.

A good gaming keyboard should be mechanical, with an easy-to-use interface. The standard PS/2 connector will work as long as you don’t need USB connectivity. Liquid crystal displays are usable with these keyboards because they run at 60Hz or a lower frequency. This means that gamers don’t have to worry about laggy or inaccurate movements in-game. 

Most of these keyboards also have programmable macro functions which allow users to set up a system that activates certain keybindings when certain actions are performed on mouse and keyboard input alone (e.g. hitting shift and moving the mouse in a certain direction will result in different actions being performed). Macro keys allow you to be much more useful than if you had to use normal keybindings.

The design of gaming keyboards has also seen some changes. There are many multimedia keyboards with volume control, programmable media hotkeys, and even built-in speakers. These features allow players to control their computers without needing to take their hands off the keyboard. 

The most important part of any mechanical keyboard is the click. It’s even more important for gamers to feel that tactile sound and force feedback as they press keys during gameplay; otherwise, it’s like typing on a flat surface. However, keyboards with rubber dome keyboards are much quieter than their mechanical counterparts. The best keyboard for gaming is designed to be lightweight and easy to use while still providing the best gaming performance.

The Tenkeyless design allows you to cleanly move between the number pad and standard keyboard layout, which is the most common for gamers. You also get better space between keys, which allows for a higher octave of keystrokes with less force required. 

The new Cherry MX key switches provide speed without compromising on key response time as well as making your typing experience more pleasant if you’re one of those gamers who like clicking away at their keyboard without taking focus away from their game.

We’ve also included a variety of mechanical and non-mechanical keyboards, so you can find the best keyboard for your budget and preferences.

Topic – Best 5 Premium Gaming Keyboard India 2022

Best 5 Premium Gaming Keyboard

  •  Connectivity Technology– Micro USB                                   

  •   Special Features – Portable, Blacklit, Mechanical   

  •  No. Of Keys -87       

While this is a mechanical keyboard, it is still one of the best in this price range. The layout is great and very easy to use with thumb pads on the F1-12 keys for easy access to frequently used functions. It has 18 programmable keys with 3 additional gaming modes so you can add an additional layer of functionality to your FPS gaming needs.  For all other gaming needs, there is a full complement of media extras that will keep you in control at all times. 

The first gaming keyboards had a standard layout with four arrow keys, a left space bar, a right space bar, and a “Ctrl” key. Typically these keys were arranged from left to right from the QWERTY keyboard layout. In order for people to be able to type accurately with such limited buttons, more complex commands needed to be programmed into the keyboard itself.

Another trend in gaming keyboards has been to use more than one control method at once during gameplay. This has meant that sometimes you need multiple keyboards with different button configurations to play different games effectively. In order to increase the gaming experience, some gaming keyboards have been equipped with two control methods.

Topic – Best 5 Premium Gaming Keyboard India 2022

Best 5 Premium Gaming Keyboard

  • Connectivity Technology- Wireless

  • Special Features -Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

  •  No. Of Keys – 110

It is the best gaming keyboard when it comes to bang for your buck. The insane number of configurations that you can make to each of the six dedicated macro keys is awesome. Do you like to play World of Warcraft? You can set buttons for each spell and potion right on the keyboard so that you’ll never need to take your eyes off the game. Do you like playing online multiplayer shooters? You can set up separate keymaps for each game so that you’ll always have exactly what you need at your fingertips. 

 The Corsair K70 RGB has full anti-ghosting and full key rollover. You can hit as many keys as you want at once and they will all register. The K70 RGB keyboard is the best premium gaming keyboard out there because it is perfect for people who like to customize and take their gaming to the next level. If you like having a ton of control over your setup, then this is definitely the board for you. It has a great design that lights up beautifully and it offers a wonderful typing experience as well.

Whether you’re a longtime gamer or just getting started, there’s no better time than now to make the switch from keyboard and mouse to gaming keyboards. They offer a number of incredible features that make gaming easier and more fun — like backlighting, anti-ghosting, macro commands, and more. In fact, some of the best keyboards combine the best of both worlds by including two separate devices: a separate mousepad with its own buttons for high precision control over your gameplay.

They include smart power management features, such as low-power modes for extended battery life and/or adaptive backlighting that lets you know when there’s still some juice left in the battery. After all, if you’re going to be investing in an expensive keyboard that you’ll be using for many years to come, it’s only smart to invest in a feature that’ll keep it looking and working great well into the future.


Topic – Best 5 Premium Gaming Keyboard India 2022

Best 5 Premium Gaming Keyboard


  • Connectivity Technology- Detachable Micro- USB

  • Special Features – Ergonomic, Blacklit, Wrist support

  • No. Of Keys – 110 keys

Razer, one of the leading gaming peripheral manufacturers, has released the first mechanical switch keyboards for gaming purposes. This keyboard comes in yellow, green, and blue colors giving you a wide range of flexibility to choose from depending on your needs. The keyboard also features a simple design and layout making it one of the best gaming keyboards for PC gamers. 

When it comes to premium gaming keyboards, Razer has set the bar very high with its mechanical gaming keyboard line. They’ve streamlined everything one might need in a gaming keyboard into one handy unit. The BlackWindow Ultimate features backlit keys, fully programmable keys, 5 additional macro keys, and more.

This keyboard is the most popular of its type, and for good reason. Despite being pricey, it offers a massive number of features, including mechanical switches (for faster response times), double-shot injection molding keycaps that are designed to last 50 million keystrokes, full-spectrum backlighting with eight independently programmable colors per key.

Topic – Best 5 Premium Gaming Keyboard India 2022

Best 5 Premium Gaming Keyboard


  • Connectivity Technology– USB connection

  • Special Features -Magnetic Wrist Rest, Apex Pro Gaming Keyboard

  • No. Of Keys – 104

This is one of the best premium gaming keyboard for portability. It’s lightweight, has adaptive backlighting, and offers plug-and-play functionality right out of the box. The Apex is another great entry-level mechanical keyboard with full functionality at an affordable price. 

There are 17 programmable keys on the keyboard with a 6-key rollover, full media controls, and more. It can even be used as a gaming mouse with 3D polling allowing for smooth movement and response times.  With Blue LED lighting, this is one of the best options if you’re looking for a simple yet effective keyboard to enhance your gaming experience.

Topic – Best 5 Premium Gaming Keyboard India 2022

Best 5 Premium Gaming Keyboard

  • Connectivity Technology- Mini USB

  • Special Features – Backlit

  • No. Of Keys – 87

 HyperX specializes in high-performance gaming products, including headsets, keyboards, mice, and mousepads designed to meet the needs of gamers.

The HyperX Alloy FPS is a new type of hybrid premium gaming keyboard that combines an interesting design with a solid set of features. The Alloy FPS from HyperX is an aluminum frame that brings a durable construction to the keyboard. 

The Alloy FPS is 61% cheaper than a traditional mechanical keyboard with no sacrifice on key feel and durability. It´s lightweight, only 2.0 Kg that makes it easy to carry anywhere you want it. Looks stylish and feels premium thanks to its high-quality components. 

It has all the features you need in a durable gaming keyboard, offering up to 50 million key presses. It´s durable and won´t wear off in the long run, like rubber domes on some keyboards tend to do after time. The HyperX Alloy FPS is the first keyboard in the world to include dedicated media and volume controls, as well as easy access to game modes, so it´s very functional.

The design of the HyperX Alloy FPS is one of its most important selling points. With its solid combination of aluminum and high-quality plastic, this keyboard gives you a very durable construction that will last for years. It´s not some cheap and flimsy mechanical keyboard that tends to break with just a few months of intense use. The keyboard is nice and light, weighing just 2.0 Kg, which makes it easy to carry it to a LAN party or another place you want.


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